Scarlett London - Bloggers Festival

Thursday, 18 September 2014

So the other week I was invited to the Bloggers Festival in London by the beautiful Scarlett, and it was the first type of blog event I'd been to and can I just say it was AMAZING. It was super nice to meet so many bloggers and companies, and to get to talk to all these different people. I'd also like to give a huge thank you to Cat and Tania for keeping me company for the day, they were so lovely and helped make me feel comfortable. This post is going to be rather long so I apologize in advance, but I took a fair few photos and I wanted to include them all!

Love Isabelle

‘The Language of Love’ with La Redoute #Ad

Monday, 8 September 2014

Hey guys, so recently the fabulous french company La Redoute got in touch with me and asked me join them with their 'Language of Love' campaign, and this post is a tad late done due to the fact that I've been super busy, but I couldn't say no. I don't think we tell people quite enough that we love them, I love you, 3 simple words that mean so much, yet not many of us share them. 

A survey came back showing that 82% of us would love to hear those words every single day, when in fact only a tiny amount of 30% of us say it that often. I personally didn't realize the number's were so small, and it makes me kind of sad. There's a lot of people I love in my life, and they all mean to the world to me. My Mum, my Dad, my friends, my siblings and my Grandparents, and I think we should all show the love more, after all, those 3 simple words can make someones day. So next time you're with someone you love, or talking to someone who means a lot to you, just tell them how much you love them, it only takes a single minute yet will warm their heart. 

I personally loved the idea of this campaign, we Brits definitely need to share the love more than we do. Down below I've linked the #LanguageofLove campaign video and I'd really recommend you watch it, it may or may not have brought a tear to my eye.

You can find the website for the campaign here, and don't forget, tell someone you love them today.

Love Isabelle

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

 If you've been hanging round the bloggersphere for a while now then you may have heard about this product, but if you haven't then it is wonderful. This is the first cleansing water I've tried, as it was only just under £4 in boots for a rather big bottle, it claims that you can get 200 odd uses out of it, but I'd say that that's maybe pushing it a bit far, however it does last an awful long time and you do only need to use small amounts.

This product is a godsend for removing makeup, I often struggle to take my eyeliner off, especially as I wear so much, but this takes it off perfectly. I just put a dab on a cotton pad, place it over my eye, gently press for a few seconds and remove it and bam, the majority of its gone.

It does leave my face feeling nice and refreshed, it's fit perfectly into both my morning and night time routines and I love it dearly. It doesn't smell of much which I quite like, it'd be horrible for it to have an overpowering smell. It's not a 'works wonders for your skin' product, so if you're looking for something like that then this might not be for you, but it's great for the simple things and for such a cheap price I really can't flaw it.