Excuses, Excuses

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My blog is a complete mess. It's been countless days since my last post and I do way too many "I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while" posts. The reason being this time because my Nans computer is broke. My fault obviously, I broke it. She can't afford a new one, I can't afford my own, so the problem forms. I am extremely sorry I haven't been posting, but I'm determined to start up again.

 I've been feeling really motivated and inspired recently, so I'm determined to at least post once a week. I'll post everything from beauty reviews to film reviews, recipes to wishlists and OOTDs to just general posts.

Now instead of having this post as another "I'm sorry" post (but seriously, I really am!), I thought I'd talk about excuses. I'm full of them, I have an excuse for everything. Half of them aren't even true and don't actually make any sense, and I know a lot of other teenagers are exactly the same. When it comes to excuses we, being the weird generation we are, don't like to take the blame or responsibility for anything that happens, and in some cases excuses are good. They work, it's fine using them and it doesn't really matter, but in some situations it really would be best to just come clean rather than making up an excuse.

The excuse "my dog ate my homework" is a classic. But what if one day your dog really does eat your homework? If you're full of lies and always use excuses like that, then one day no one will believe you when you're telling the truth. As I'm typing this I can hear my Mum having a go at my dog for chewing up her gym plans and etc, as my dog eats literally anything, so it's not exactly an impossible excuse. It's kinda like the boy who cried wolf. Use excuses but only if they're genuine and needed.


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