Wednesday, 18 September 2013

So, a lot's happened since we last spoke. I have a series every Friday/Saturday about happiness, depression, self harm, anxiety and etc, I got accepted into college and last week was my first proper week. I'm studying Creative Media Level 2 at a college which is sadly about an hours travel to and from every day. The last lifestyle post I did was Emma Blackerys gig, which you can find HERE, which I went to with 2 friends Lizzie and Sharisha.

On Saturday (14th), the same Lizzie invited me to a little birthday thing she had in London. I sadly didn't get many pictures from the day but.

Me and Rachel

Shauna in McDonalds

Me and Shauna

Me and Connie

The day started off with everyone meeting at Waterloo, the group started off huge. We then spent most of the day in Camden town, where we lost people, some came back, some disappeared, it was all a bit confusing. As it started to get about 5ish a few of us headed to Jubilee Gardens and chilled there for a bit.

Instead of taking pictures from the day I filmed clips and put them together, the video of which is here.


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