Being Happy 2!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

So last week I wrote THIS post about a new series I'm starting, which still doesn't have a name! The first post in this series was called being happy, and this one kind of follows on that.

One thing I've found, is that when I know I've made other people smile, or done something to brighten up someone's day, it makes me feel happy and a lot better about myself. No it doesn't cause eternal happiness and make you feel better for weeks, but it does make you feel like a good person, and that you've helped someone out. The small things help just as much as the big things. 

If you're feeling down, try any of these things:
-Help someone across the street
-Send a friend or someone a random text, or tweet, or facebook message saying something nice. For example "I love your hair",  "You have a really nice smile", "Hope you're having a good day". Anything that you know could bring a little smile to their face, it's always nice to know someone's thinking about you.
-Compliment someone in the street
-Put post it notes up around your area, someones bound to see one, pick it up, and maybe even smile if there's a nice comment on there!
-Sometimes I like to search for people on twitter or tumblr who are feeling down, or suicidal, and be there for them. You never know, you may even save a life.

As I will say again, this won't make you happy for a long period of time, but If it helps you get through just one day and stops you from doing anything silly then it's really worth a try! If you're interested in seeing more from this series, I'll be putting a post up every Saturday about helping people through things like depression, anxiety, suicide and self harm, because as mentioned in my last post, I know it's a touchy subject, but I know how you feel. If this helps even one random person who's stumbled across my blog then it's completely worth it.

Love Amy

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