Wednesday, 18 September 2013

So, a lot's happened since we last spoke. I have a series every Friday/Saturday about happiness, depression, self harm, anxiety and etc, I got accepted into college and last week was my first proper week. I'm studying Creative Media Level 2 at a college which is sadly about an hours travel to and from every day. The last lifestyle post I did was Emma Blackerys gig, which you can find HERE, which I went to with 2 friends Lizzie and Sharisha.

On Saturday (14th), the same Lizzie invited me to a little birthday thing she had in London. I sadly didn't get many pictures from the day but.

Me and Rachel

Shauna in McDonalds

Me and Shauna

Me and Connie

The day started off with everyone meeting at Waterloo, the group started off huge. We then spent most of the day in Camden town, where we lost people, some came back, some disappeared, it was all a bit confusing. As it started to get about 5ish a few of us headed to Jubilee Gardens and chilled there for a bit.

Instead of taking pictures from the day I filmed clips and put them together, the video of which is here.


Being Happy 2!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

So last week I wrote THIS post about a new series I'm starting, which still doesn't have a name! The first post in this series was called being happy, and this one kind of follows on that.

One thing I've found, is that when I know I've made other people smile, or done something to brighten up someone's day, it makes me feel happy and a lot better about myself. No it doesn't cause eternal happiness and make you feel better for weeks, but it does make you feel like a good person, and that you've helped someone out. The small things help just as much as the big things. 

If you're feeling down, try any of these things:
-Help someone across the street
-Send a friend or someone a random text, or tweet, or facebook message saying something nice. For example "I love your hair",  "You have a really nice smile", "Hope you're having a good day". Anything that you know could bring a little smile to their face, it's always nice to know someone's thinking about you.
-Compliment someone in the street
-Put post it notes up around your area, someones bound to see one, pick it up, and maybe even smile if there's a nice comment on there!
-Sometimes I like to search for people on twitter or tumblr who are feeling down, or suicidal, and be there for them. You never know, you may even save a life.

As I will say again, this won't make you happy for a long period of time, but If it helps you get through just one day and stops you from doing anything silly then it's really worth a try! If you're interested in seeing more from this series, I'll be putting a post up every Saturday about helping people through things like depression, anxiety, suicide and self harm, because as mentioned in my last post, I know it's a touchy subject, but I know how you feel. If this helps even one random person who's stumbled across my blog then it's completely worth it.

Love Amy

Secret Gig!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

On Saturday I saw one of my favourite youtubers Emma Blackery tweeting that she would be doing a secret gig on Monday for a video she'll be uploading soon, and that you had to email in and a selected few would get a ticket. if you got in you'd get an email back with where and when the gig was and etc. I, luckily, managed to get a ticket and, well, ended up going!

I went to Jubilee Gardens with my friend Cerys before the gig.

Emmas name on the board

With Lizzie and Sharisha

Me and Emma

I got my friend Ewalyn a signature and a voicemail from Emma

Now I didn't actually expect to meet Emma, let alone talk to her for as long as we did, which was about 15 minutes. We spoke about the gig and how her name was up on the board, how far we'd come to be there and my obsession with Monster and how to get over it. We had 2 group hugs and one individual one, so 3 sets of hugs occurred in that amount of time, not complaining because I love hugs! She's such a lovely and naturally funny person. She doesn't try to be funny, she just naturally is. She's also an amazing performer in both her humour and her amazing voice. I'm seeing her again on 21st September and I cannot wait. This is the second time I've met her but only the first time I've seen her perform, so I'm really looking forward to it!

I have a college induction tomorrow and I'm mega nervous. It's not my closest college so I'll barely know anyone, and the idea of turning up on my own is pretty scary, but I'll update you on how that goes soon!