Thursday, 22 August 2013

I often find myself staring at a blank page in my notebook, thinking, wondering, hoping that I can write something beautiful. Most of the time nothing comes to me, and why? The most wonderous pieces of writing often have inspiration. The writer, somewhere, sees or does something that inspires them to write it. Don't think that it 'just comes to them' and get frustrated because the same isn't happening to you, because that isn't the case. The smallest things can inspire you if you really look hard enough. Whether it's the wind rustling through some trees, the sight of the world passing you by, or maybe just something you walk past in the street, inspiration can be found anywhere. It could come from a big motivated talk, a TV programme, a film, or even something you've seen online. Sometimes people have that one thing that inspires them all the time. A friend, a family member, a boyfriend or a girlfriend  You just need to find your inspiration and never give up until you find it. Inspiration is everywhere and if you're patient you'll find yours.


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