Being Happy!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Now, I only tend to look on the negative aspects of life, I don't mean too, it's just I can't seem to think of the good things, just the bad. This really isn't the best outlook to have on life to be honest. Some people use their depression as an excuse, and I get that it is, but if you don't try to be positive then you're not going to get anywhere. I want to start a series of posts to put up every Saturday about helping people through things like depression, anxiety, suicide and self harm, because even though it's a very touchy subject, I know how you feel. I think it could maybe help some people, even if it is just one random person who's randomly come across my blog.

 Today's post is on "being happy". Now this post isn't me telling you how to be happy, because that's impossible, but while I was awake at 2am this morning feeling pretty damn low, I decided to make a list of 20 things that make me smile and I thought I'd share! If you ever feel down and your struggling to sleep, try it! It really does help, it kind of helps you focus on what will make you feel better, and hopefully you can find it easier to push those bad thoughts out of your head and get to sleep.

(Trust me to do a little sidenote in the corner just clearing up
the mistakes, such a grammar freak!)

1.  Late night skype calls
2. Deep heart to heart conversations
3. Hugs
4. Milky coffee and hot chocolate
5. Watching movies in bed on a down day
6. Going to live gigs and shows
7. Long comforting hugs!
8. Reaction picture conversations or banter
9. Taking lots of pictures with people (I like to keep photos to help create and remember memories)
10. Travelling
11. Instantly clicking with someone
12. Watching sunsets
13. The feeling of fresh bedding
14. Reading a new book- I'm one of those people that when they read a book, the whole word comes alive in their head and it's one of the best feelings! Oh, and the smell of a new book.
15. People playing with my hair- Now this is one of my all time favourite things ever
16. Going on little mini adventures
17. Being with someone, I love being on my own, but I feel so much safer when I'm with another person.
18. Going to the cinema
19. Cute relationships, the kind of thing ever girl on tumblr says they want but they know they're never ever going to get.
20. More hugs! 

You may (or may not) notice that theres a few small differences between the list in the picture and the list here, and that's because I made a few mistakes at 2am! Writing this list help me put my mind to ease a little, even though I don't do half of what's here, I will at some point and when I do I know that it's going to make me smile. Writing a list may sound boring to you, but I find it helps. I know when you have depression, and even if you're just feeling sad and don't, it's hard to look at life positively, it's a huge struggle, but it won't get better if you don't try and help yourself. Has anyone else tried this, or have any other ways to ease their mind a little when in a bit of a state? Tweet me or comment down below if you would like to share!


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