How to make a header

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

This is just a quick 'how to' on making a header! These steps will show you how I made mine and hopefully you can pick up from that :-)

STEP ONE: Go on your blog, click 'template' from the bar at the side, and then click 'customise'

STEP TWO: Click on 'Adjust widths' to see what the size of your header may roughly need to be.

STEP 3: Go to a photo editing site, I found picmonkey to be the easiest

STEP 4: Upload any photo, literally it does not matter what one, just pick a random one from your pictures.

STEP 5: Click on the resize option and the bottom, and untick the "keep proportions" box

STEP 6: Change the numbers to the size you want your header to be. My blog is 1180 pixels wide, and I just guessed the height of how I wanted it. Make sure you apply your changes!

STEP 7: Next, click on the overlay tab, click on 'geometric' and choose the basic rectangle.

STEP 8: Drag the rectangle so it covers your picture, and change it to the colour white (if your blog background is white, if not try and change it to the same colour) and then click merge so it doesn't move about.

STEP 9: Click on the P button, which goes to the texts, choose the type of text you want and click on the "add text" button. I chose the "shadows into light two" writing as I loved it!

STEP 10: Type out what you want the name of your blog to be, and decide on the size, colour, where you want it placed and etc. Click merge again once you've done. If you want a slogan or something then add another text and do the same thing, click merge again.

The rest of this is completely optional, I'm just showing you what I've done to mine!

I then clicked back on overlays, and decided I wanted some doodly hearts, so I clicked on that tab.

I decided on the heart I wanted and placed it in the position I wanted it in and clicked on merge again, I saved it to my computer and voila, you have your header!

I also created my background similarly to this, but I hope this helps you create your header if you weren't sure on how to make one. This is only a simple one as I find making elaborate ones very hard, so I stuck with this. I hope I've helped, if you want to know how to add it do your blog, or if you want any other tutorials on things related to your blog then comment down below!

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50 random facts about me!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

After reading nicolaheartsthis '50 random facts about me' post, I thought I'd have a go of my own since I've been having a bit of writers block lately, so here you go!

1. I have to have a glass of milk every night before I go to bed, I don't know why!
2. I only recently started wearing makeup last year, and even then it was the tiniest bit of foundation.
3. I have started to get really into makeup and beauty recently as I now study beauty therapy at college.
4. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, what do I do when I finish college in a few months?!
5. I absolutely HATE change
6. I'm a very open minded person
7. I'm a massive gel eyeliner fan
8. My favourite makeup brands are Mac, Maybelline and Rimmel
9. I've recently developed an obsession with making videos and editing, maybe I should take media next year?
10. I'm VERY indecisive, I cannot make a decision at all.
11. I met Dani Harmer, and since I'm a huge Tracey Beaker fan, I cried..
12. I'm an extremely shy person and don't tend to talk to people much
13. I love making new friends who share the same interests as me
14. I am attending summer in the city this year!
15. I really want a canon 60D camera
16. I want to start buying some soap and glory products, they smell AMAZING
17. I would like to learn how to make blog layouts and etc, but I get so confused! Someone teach me please?!
18. Rylan and Jedward are my guilty pleasures
19. I met Pixie Lott on Thursday, she is absolutely beautiful!
20. I collect disney films, they're so cute
21. I struggle to wear jeans
22. I can never sleep with the window open, not because of people getting in, but because of spiders and flys getting in
23. I love keeping things like old photo's, train tickets, anything that holds memory's
24. I like lighting rooms with fairy lights, they're so pretty!
25. Topshop is my favourite place ever, but I don't own anything from it because I never have money and it's so expensive
26. My idol when I was younger was Selena Gomez
27. I will marry Caspar Lee one day, just watch..
28. I envy girls with big eyes, for example Mila Kunis
29. Rain makes me feel so sad and lonely, but the sun cheers me up instantly
30. I act completely different with people I'm comfortable around compared to people I first meet
31. Most of my friends don't know the real me, simply because I won't show it to them
32. I can be quite gullible at times
33. I started ballet when I was 2/3, and was made to do maypole dancing in primary school and country dancing at something called girls brigade
34. I want to travel when I'm older
35. I LOVE pretty views of beaches
36. In primary school I did 'knitting club' and buddies
37. I failed my 11+ (well the maths part anyway)
38. In secondary school I used to love writing essays
39. I regret so much from my past
40. When I was younger I was so clumsy, Every day after school I'd come home with a new bruise/cut
41. I talk really fast and often get told to slow down so people can understand me, I've done it since I was little and I can't help it, oops
42. I'd love to go on a road trip around America
43. I want to start subscribing to magazines starting from next month
44. I don't have anxiety, but if I'm in public and feel like I'm in danger or crowded I start to get really teary, my breathing goes weird and I feel faint and panicky.
45. American TV beats British TV in most cases
46. I adore romantic comedies
47. I would love a fellow beauty blogger best friend to move into an apartment in London with next year
48. I don't understand how people can be 'gay,'straight' or 'bi', I believe anyone can fall in love with anyone, I don't understand the labels.
49. I care too much about what people think of me
50. I have huge girl crushes on too many people, including Taylor Swift, Pixie Lott, Zoella, Tanya Burr, Louise (sprinkle of glitter), Fleur De Force and Mila Kunis are some examples.

Now I extremely doubt any of you have read all of these, but if you have thank you and I love you, bye xxx